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Love at first swipe.
I first tried Uppercut Deluxe pomade in Mclures Barbers in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. My barber (a stellar gent) Eden had got a sample in. Until this point bear in mind that I had been faithful to American Crew pomade and I had only flirted with other product but never maintained a relationship. So, when my slickback was finished and Uppercut Deluxe was applied I fell in love. As simple as that. It happened and I have never looked back.

That’s not to say that every now and again a get a craving for ‘a bit of strange’ and i’m all for broadening my pomade horizons. I’ll try anything once but in my heart i’ll be Uppercut through and through. You can wipe that tear from your eye now.

The nitty: Best applied to wet/damp hair on first day but a small amount (neat) the day after will tighten up your style. For me the hold on this product is perfect. You get strong hold with a medium gloss that lasts all day. No touching up during the day required, no combing, nada.

The gritty: Water soluble so it washes out easily. Fragrant? yep, not bad at all. Not my favourite scent but it’s up there with the best, damn you Voodoo Island. Wish it was in bigger sizes because once you start with this you won’t stop. I don’t know what they put in this stuff (I do actually, it says on the tin) but reckon there’s a little Aussie black magic in there as well.

For me this is the best pomade. Others have come and gone because Uppercut Deluxe knows what you like and is happy to oblige. No strings.

You can view Uppercut Deluxe pomade here.

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