At Pomades.co.uk we’ve been waiting for Reuzel Red to arrive because we could feel it in our guts that this could be the ‘Golden Child’.

For the past two week i have been giving Reuzel Red High Sheen Pomade a solid kicking. Not because of Hollands success in the World Cup but because for some reason i had a feeling that this lard (you know Reuzel is Dutch for lard right?) was going to be worth the wait. Guess what? I was right.

The sun is blazing down here in Barcelona so i need a pomade that is going to be able to take the heat on the beach and in the bars. So lets do this by the numbers. First off the packaging is great. love it, love it, love it! Second, it smells great. Seriously. Thirdly the overall impression is this pomade is less of an industrial proposition than say Suavecito but it has all the attributes. The texture is different, less gooey and more like a thick ‘dare i say it’ gel. It washes out easily and leaves your hair in good condition.  Lastly, is it high sheen? Yep, it surely is. You get a really slick looking do once your hair is styled.

My hair is getting pretty long on top now so even when slicked backed it’s looking a bit long. But until i find a good barber here in Barca i’m keeping it. Bearing that in mind i have found Reuzel to be a great alternative to Uppercut Deluxe. It doesn’t set as hard as Uppercut so you get a more natural look but you still get a decent amount of hold. I’ve even styled a pomp or two using this and as i say my top hair is longer than i would like.

Overall impression is this is a keeper along with Uppercut Deluxe for me. Definitely one of the best pomades on the market i absolutely insist you try it, especially if you are particular about what you style your hair with. I really don’t think you would be disappointed. I could keep banging on about how good it is but i’ve got a sea to tame. I gots to give it the Firsthead Seal Of Approval so what more do you want.


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