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Does not was out with normal shampoo and water.



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    Reuzel Pomade is a versatile water based product that allows you to control its strength and degree of shine.

    Ruezel Pomade is strongest when applied to dry hair, for a heavy (90 weight) hold, blow dry the hair before applying. For a lighter (30 weight) hold, simply towel dry before applying.

  • MEDIUM_3

    Schmiere – Pomade medium

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    The"Schmiere - Pomade medium" has a medium hold. Its colour is light blue, it smells sweet and reminds a little bit of bubblegum. A shot of "Bebop a Huba" is responsible for this one-and-only smell. 
    Its creamy and medium consistency is perfectly suited to shape normal and thick hair to a pompadour. Even if you comb your hair tight back, you will be pleased with this "Schmiere"!


    Schmiere – Pomade Rock Hard

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    Schmiere rock-hard is one of the most popular kinds of Schmiere. From now on it appears in a brand new coat: The expressive likeness of the Schmiere raven looks from a completely printed tin can. 
    Unique quality - Proven 140 ml content - Brandnew tin cans.

  • STRONG_3

    Schmiere – Pomade strong

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    The Schmiere "strong" is perfect for strong and vigorous feathers - for your "feathers" always staying gorgeous and shiny! Finest hair pomade from Rumble59 lives up to its promise! 


    Schmiere – Special Edition – Better Dan

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    The new Schmiere "Better Dan" isn't only for greasy trickster or honorable gentlemen - everybody's "feathers" should always stay gorgeous and keep their shape!
    Finest hair pomade from Rumble59 lives up to its promise! 

  • BALSAM_2

    Special Edition “Hair-Balm”

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    The strength of the hair balm is similar to the medium hardness degree of our popular "Schmiere-Pomade". It has a mint-green colour and a fresh peppermint smell.



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    Reuzel Grease is a versatile wax and oil based product that allows you to control its strength and degree of shine. Reuzel Grease is strongest when applied to dry hair. For the heaviest (90 weight) hold apply to blow dried hair, for a medium (60 weight) hold apply to towel dried hair.
  • high_life_voodoo_brew


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    A 99g pot of USA rockabilly pomade goodness! A heavy syling hair pomade for dark haired macho men. Tinted a purple colour to maximize naturally darker hair tones and avoid wax flakes. 
  • cockgreasexx


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    Cock Grease XX is the Extra-Stiff Hair Wax designed to keep your hair up all day and night!

  • High_Life_Heavy


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    High Life Heavy Pomade is the heaviest pomade currently on the market and holds like no other, yet still allows for easy maintenance and manageability. Perfect for shaping and sculpting thick curly hair to give a super tight hold for pomp's, flattops and short quiffs. And no, it does not wash out...