High Life Voodoo Island Pomade review

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High Life Voodoo Island pomade is a class act. Ok, it doesn’t wash out the first time you shampoo but that’s a good thing. I’ll tell you why. One, if you have dry hair after washing it still feels supple and you could probably still style you hair if it requires only a light product. Two, you don’t need to add as much to get your pomp or slickback back into shape. It’s the first non water soluble pomade i’ve tried and i’m convinced. I will try and review some of the others on the market. Seriously don’t let the wash-out thing put you off.

Right lets talk about the grip people. It’s a medium hold pomade although I reckon if you have a slicked back style it could work as good as a strong hold. Especially if you hair is straight. I would probably say it’s a stronger hold than American Crew pomade but not as strong as Uppercut Deluxe.

One of the best features about this product is the scent. Blam! it’s like some fine lady you have just insulted has thrown her Pina Colada in your face. What! I know, it’s not whisky but when it comes to smelling fresh pineapple and coconut win hands down and do you know what? It’s summer. So when you’re sitting out sipping a brew and the sun is glinting off your pomp everyone near you will appreciate you doing your part to make them think they are in The Bahamas. Oi! Put your shirt back on.

Right, finishing up now because I have an appointment with a needle and ink. Here’s a killer tip for you. Any of you guys rockin; a beard and ‘stache? I thought so, well I’ve been putting High Life Voodoo Island on my ‘stache for months and it’s the best product i’ve used on it. Moustache wax flakes, beard oil is wet n greasy, this pomade has been doing the business for me. It gives a completely natural look and who doesn’t want the smell of a cocktail under your nose first thing in the morning?

Get your hula on and buy some http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00IV60SFW


Keep it slick.



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