Doop. The Rebel pomade review.

doop the rebel
Ok, Doop’s The Rebel. This could be the shortest review ever. It controls my hair like nothing I’ve ever tried before, or since – and I start panicking when I get near the end of a tub. Enough?
Oh go on, I’ll tell you more. I have thick hair. I mean, really thick. Thick and uncontrollable. My barber, Pat at Maclures in Manchester – or anyone else who cuts it on rare occasions when Pat is off – always says it. And I get my haircut every two weeks at the latest. ‘God your hair is thick’, ‘You’ll never go bald with thick hair like this’ etc etc
I started using products in my hair about 30 years ago when I was a teenager. I went through the usual stuff at the time, including lots of crappy gels, and old-faithful Brylcreem of course (prompting my Mum to dig out the old doilies for the sofas that probably hadn’t been used since the 50s!)
Nothing ever really worked so I spent a long time just keeping my hair very short. But eventually I was told about Pomades and things started to change for me and my hair.
I tried a few different ones, with varying degrees of success, but one day Pat at Maclures said “Let’s give this a try…” and my life changed (well, my hair anyway).
The Rebel is a strong-hold pomade with a good sheen. I tend to use a bit of Frizz-Ease on my hair first, because it is frizzy and I think it helps, but it’s The Rebel that makes my hair work. I use a good scoop of it (normally more than my barbers use), rub it in all-over and then give it a good comb through. Then it’s time to style it (and you know what that’s like – sometimes it’s a 30 second job, sometimes you’re there 30 minutes later screaming at the mirror… or is that just me?)
One of the main benefits I find with The Rebel is the length of hold. It works all-day. Other products I’ve used have started off fine, but as the day has worn on, it’s worn off. And when I get home I realise my hair is all over the place. But no such problems with The Rebel, it’ll last all day and all night. If you need to restyle, a wet comb run through will do the job.
What I love about The Rebel is how easily it washes out. Considering it’s a water-based pomade, it’s got great hold, but in the morning I always shampoo and condition my hair, and The Rebel washes out easily in one go without fuss. Then it’s time to put some more on!
I’m going to give Uppercut Deluxe a try next (I had a sample once and it seemed to work well, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a better go). But quite honestly, if I could never get hold of another pomade again, The Rebel would do the trick for me. But, of course, that’s not how pomades work, is it? I’ll be giving others a try in due course. If any even match, and especially if they beat The Rebel for my hair, then they’ll be incredible and I’ll review those too.
Thick uncontrollable hair? Give The Rebel a try.

Review By JR

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