At Pomades.co.uk we’ve been waiting for Reuzel Red to arrive because we could feel it in our guts that this could be the ‘Golden Child’.

For the past two week i have been giving Reuzel Red High Sheen Pomade a solid kicking. Not because of Hollands success in the World Cup but because for some reason i had a feeling that this lard (you know Reuzel is Dutch for lard right?) was going to be worth the wait. Guess what? I was right.

The sun is blazing down here in Barcelona so i need a pomade that is going to be able to take the heat on the beach and in the bars. So lets do this by the numbers. First off the packaging is great. love it, love it, love it! Second, it smells great. Seriously. Thirdly the overall impression is this pomade is less of an industrial proposition than say Suavecito but it has all the attributes. The texture is different, less gooey and more like a thick ‘dare i say it’ gel. It washes out easily and leaves your hair in good condition.  Lastly, is it high sheen? Yep, it surely is. You get a really slick looking do once your hair is styled.

My hair is getting pretty long on top now so even when slicked backed it’s looking a bit long. But until i find a good barber here in Barca i’m keeping it. Bearing that in mind i have found Reuzel to be a great alternative to Uppercut Deluxe. It doesn’t set as hard as Uppercut so you get a more natural look but you still get a decent amount of hold. I’ve even styled a pomp or two using this and as i say my top hair is longer than i would like.

Overall impression is this is a keeper along with Uppercut Deluxe for me. Definitely one of the best pomades on the market i absolutely insist you try it, especially if you are particular about what you style your hair with. I really don’t think you would be disappointed. I could keep banging on about how good it is but i’ve got a sea to tame. I gots to give it the Firsthead Seal Of Approval so what more do you want.


Doop. The Rebel pomade review.

doop the rebel
Ok, Doop’s The Rebel. This could be the shortest review ever. It controls my hair like nothing I’ve ever tried before, or since – and I start panicking when I get near the end of a tub. Enough?
Oh go on, I’ll tell you more. I have thick hair. I mean, really thick. Thick and uncontrollable. My barber, Pat at Maclures in Manchester – or anyone else who cuts it on rare occasions when Pat is off – always says it. And I get my haircut every two weeks at the latest. ‘God your hair is thick’, ‘You’ll never go bald with thick hair like this’ etc etc
I started using products in my hair about 30 years ago when I was a teenager. I went through the usual stuff at the time, including lots of crappy gels, and old-faithful Brylcreem of course (prompting my Mum to dig out the old doilies for the sofas that probably hadn’t been used since the 50s!)
Nothing ever really worked so I spent a long time just keeping my hair very short. But eventually I was told about Pomades and things started to change for me and my hair.
I tried a few different ones, with varying degrees of success, but one day Pat at Maclures said “Let’s give this a try…” and my life changed (well, my hair anyway).
The Rebel is a strong-hold pomade with a good sheen. I tend to use a bit of Frizz-Ease on my hair first, because it is frizzy and I think it helps, but it’s The Rebel that makes my hair work. I use a good scoop of it (normally more than my barbers use), rub it in all-over and then give it a good comb through. Then it’s time to style it (and you know what that’s like – sometimes it’s a 30 second job, sometimes you’re there 30 minutes later screaming at the mirror… or is that just me?)
One of the main benefits I find with The Rebel is the length of hold. It works all-day. Other products I’ve used have started off fine, but as the day has worn on, it’s worn off. And when I get home I realise my hair is all over the place. But no such problems with The Rebel, it’ll last all day and all night. If you need to restyle, a wet comb run through will do the job.
What I love about The Rebel is how easily it washes out. Considering it’s a water-based pomade, it’s got great hold, but in the morning I always shampoo and condition my hair, and The Rebel washes out easily in one go without fuss. Then it’s time to put some more on!
I’m going to give Uppercut Deluxe a try next (I had a sample once and it seemed to work well, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a better go). But quite honestly, if I could never get hold of another pomade again, The Rebel would do the trick for me. But, of course, that’s not how pomades work, is it? I’ll be giving others a try in due course. If any even match, and especially if they beat The Rebel for my hair, then they’ll be incredible and I’ll review those too.
Thick uncontrollable hair? Give The Rebel a try.

Review By JR


american_crew uppercut_style


I want to say middle of the road but that sounds like i’m putting American Crew Pomade down. Don’t get me wrong I like the product, it was one of the first I tried and I always have some in my pomade arsenal. It’s a good all round pomade if you are just starting to style your hair in the correct way, what took you so long, have you got a girlfriend yet? My hair is pretty long on top so it tends to start drifting after a while but then again only the strongest pomades keep it tight. I guess it could work better on shorter styles. My recommendation would be buy some, see what you think. As I have said I always have some in and I use it before I stick the stronger stuff on where i need it. That way you can have the support on the sides and keep it looking natural-ish on the top.

American Crew doesn’t have a strong scent it just smells clean. So. If you like a product that has a neutral odor then this’ll do it. Washes out very easily so the boss at your day job won’t suspect what a greasy little outlaw you are once you clock off. So, generally an ok product.

You can view American Crew pomade here.

Keep it slick.


photo uppercut_slickback


Love at first swipe.
I first tried Uppercut Deluxe pomade in Mclures Barbers in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. My barber (a stellar gent) Eden had got a sample in. Until this point bear in mind that I had been faithful to American Crew pomade and I had only flirted with other product but never maintained a relationship. So, when my slickback was finished and Uppercut Deluxe was applied I fell in love. As simple as that. It happened and I have never looked back.

That’s not to say that every now and again a get a craving for ‘a bit of strange’ and i’m all for broadening my pomade horizons. I’ll try anything once but in my heart i’ll be Uppercut through and through. You can wipe that tear from your eye now.

The nitty: Best applied to wet/damp hair on first day but a small amount (neat) the day after will tighten up your style. For me the hold on this product is perfect. You get strong hold with a medium gloss that lasts all day. No touching up during the day required, no combing, nada.

The gritty: Water soluble so it washes out easily. Fragrant? yep, not bad at all. Not my favourite scent but it’s up there with the best, damn you Voodoo Island. Wish it was in bigger sizes because once you start with this you won’t stop. I don’t know what they put in this stuff (I do actually, it says on the tin) but reckon there’s a little Aussie black magic in there as well.

For me this is the best pomade. Others have come and gone because Uppercut Deluxe knows what you like and is happy to oblige. No strings.

You can view Uppercut Deluxe pomade here.

Keep it Slick

High Life Voodoo Island Pomade review

IMG_3671 IMG_3672IMG_3661


High Life Voodoo Island pomade is a class act. Ok, it doesn’t wash out the first time you shampoo but that’s a good thing. I’ll tell you why. One, if you have dry hair after washing it still feels supple and you could probably still style you hair if it requires only a light product. Two, you don’t need to add as much to get your pomp or slickback back into shape. It’s the first non water soluble pomade i’ve tried and i’m convinced. I will try and review some of the others on the market. Seriously don’t let the wash-out thing put you off.

Right lets talk about the grip people. It’s a medium hold pomade although I reckon if you have a slicked back style it could work as good as a strong hold. Especially if you hair is straight. I would probably say it’s a stronger hold than American Crew pomade but not as strong as Uppercut Deluxe.

One of the best features about this product is the scent. Blam! it’s like some fine lady you have just insulted has thrown her Pina Colada in your face. What! I know, it’s not whisky but when it comes to smelling fresh pineapple and coconut win hands down and do you know what? It’s summer. So when you’re sitting out sipping a brew and the sun is glinting off your pomp everyone near you will appreciate you doing your part to make them think they are in The Bahamas. Oi! Put your shirt back on.

Right, finishing up now because I have an appointment with a needle and ink. Here’s a killer tip for you. Any of you guys rockin; a beard and ‘stache? I thought so, well I’ve been putting High Life Voodoo Island on my ‘stache for months and it’s the best product i’ve used on it. Moustache wax flakes, beard oil is wet n greasy, this pomade has been doing the business for me. It gives a completely natural look and who doesn’t want the smell of a cocktail under your nose first thing in the morning?

Get your hula on and buy some http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00IV60SFW


Keep it slick.