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I want to say middle of the road but that sounds like i’m putting American Crew Pomade down. Don’t get me wrong I like the product, it was one of the first I tried and I always have some in my pomade arsenal. It’s a good all round pomade if you are just starting to style your hair in the correct way, what took you so long, have you got a girlfriend yet? My hair is pretty long on top so it tends to start drifting after a while but then again only the strongest pomades keep it tight. I guess it could work better on shorter styles. My recommendation would be buy some, see what you think. As I have said I always have some in and I use it before I stick the stronger stuff on where i need it. That way you can have the support on the sides and keep it looking natural-ish on the top.

American Crew doesn’t have a strong scent it just smells clean. So. If you like a product that has a neutral odor then this’ll do it. Washes out very easily so the boss at your day job won’t suspect what a greasy little outlaw you are once you clock off. So, generally an ok product.

You can view American Crew pomade here.

Keep it slick.

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